Welcome to Babble and Speak.
Aiming to achieve communication for alL by offering
a variety of services targeted to support children from
18 months to 16 years of age

Our services:


We can provide assessment in a location that best suits you and your child.  Options include the child's home, nursery or school.  A basic assessment may last 60-90 minutes and would require observation, one to one working and discussion with the parent or carer.  A more in depth advanced assessment with a report can be carried out on request.


Each child will require a different level of intervention and it is our ethos that this should be needs led, prioritised by the clinical needs of the child, and decided upon in agreement with the child’s parent or carer. 

We are able to offer:

·      Direct one to one sessions, usually lasting between 45-60 minutes at home

·      Direct one to one sessions, usually lasting between 45-60 minutes at school

·      Advice sessions for adults (other than the main parents/carers) at home or school

·      Liaison with other professionals involved with the child


We offer a range of training packages to adults working with children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs.  These are ideally to be delivered in a school environment and include:

·      SLCN: The Who, What, Where, When and Why’s

·      Practice What we Preach: Incorporating Communication into Teaching Practice

·      SCERTS – An Introduction

·      ASC: Autism Awareness

·      Labels and Accessories: Your guide to Diagnosis’ and Definitions

We are able to design training around a specific area of need – just ask!